Halloween Following Directions FREEBIE

Happy almost Halloween speechie friends!

I just wanted to pop by with a quick Halloween following directions freebie. As you may have seen, spatial concepts have been a hot topic in my therapy room these past few weeks. We have been practicing using my preposition kits, mixing up our prepositions in my Halloween Preschool Language Unit, and now some of my students are ready to take it to the next level. Now what??? I created a FREEBIE for that!


Basic Story Grammar (& a FREEBIE)

If you are anything like me you know that teaching story grammar elements has so many research based and practical applications for students with language delays. It is so important for our students to be able to tell a story to people in their lives (to tell what happened at recess, what happened over the weekend, or heaven forbid be able to tell us who, what, and where if something bad happened to them). I take this goal very seriously. But like everything else, I had no idea where to start. That is why I created my Story Grammar Starter Kit . These simple stories and accompanying visuals introduce the VERY basics of setting, character, and 4 events in order. Basically, the BASICS of story retell. Stay tuned for  FREEBIE at the end of this post!


Question Foundations: What

I don't know about you, but I feel like my students always have (or need) WH question goals. Always! Common wisdom is that you teach students like this:

Me: What do you read?
Student: Mrs. Jones!
Me: We answer a "what" question with a thing or an action *points to a perfectly placed visual*
Student: blank stare

Just me? Ok. Well.. I desperately needed a way to teach my itty bitty students what "person", "thing", "place", and "time" meant instead of just telling them that is how you answer a WH question and hoping they magically got it. That is why I created my WH question foundations. Everything you need to start the process of teaching WH questions.

In this post I will highlight my What Question Foundations Kit (with a little help from my WH Question Interactive Books - sold seperately)


Preposition Kit: Under

I feel like my students ALWAYS have spatial concepts goals, and they are so hard to take data on. That is why I created the "Where is the ___?" books in my preschool language packs.


Preschool Language Unit: Fall

Its all about FALL in my speech room this week. Of course, the center of my therapy planning is my Fall Preschool Language Unit


Core Word Kit: Go

This post is all about my Core Word Kit: Go

This Kit includes an errorless interactive book for students to practice finding, pressing, or saying "go" in a repetitive manner. These buttons are my favorite inexpensive AAC tool, snag them on Amazon for super cheap.