Core Word Kit: Go

This post is all about my Core Word Kit: Go

This Kit includes an errorless interactive book for students to practice finding, pressing, or saying "go" in a repetitive manner. These buttons are my favorite inexpensive AAC tool, snag them on Amazon for super cheap.

Next, my students love practicing these "go go go roads". I get so much language out of my students racing cars down these roads! Bonus: these focus visuals serve two purposes. First, they serve as an extra visual for students to remind them what core word they are working on. Second, administrators love it if even itty bitty communicators have a learning target. I call that a win win.

I swear wind up toys are the perfect therapy tool for EVERYTHING, especially the core word "go". Plus, every core word kit includes a core word communication board at 2 different levels with the core word target highlighted for ease of modeling.

Even more is included in my core word kits. Smash mats, parent letters, and do a dot sheets.

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