Halloween Following Directions FREEBIE

Happy almost Halloween speechie friends!

I just wanted to pop by with a quick Halloween following directions freebie. As you may have seen, spatial concepts have been a hot topic in my therapy room these past few weeks. We have been practicing using my preposition kits, mixing up our prepositions in my Halloween Preschool Language Unit, and now some of my students are ready to take it to the next level. Now what??? I created a FREEBIE for that!

First, we review our 4 focus spatial concepts (on top, under, next to, between). THEN, we get to play the bat game. In the freebie I included 2 printable bats (one color and one black and white), but if you have a toy bat that could be even more fun! This freebie includes 6 spatial conepts directions (with visual cues!) to follow around your speech room (or classroom). You can either read the directions to your students, have them read them to each other, cut them up and put them in a bucket, etc. Make it fun, it is Halloween after all! 

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