Preposition Kit: Under

I feel like my students ALWAYS have spatial concepts goals, and they are so hard to take data on. That is why I created the "Where is the ___?" books in my preschool language packs.

I did find, however, that sometimes even starting there was too hard for some of my itty bitties so I FINALLY created a pack of interactive books (what else) to target the 4 spatial concepts in all of the preschool language packs (on, under, next to , between). Eventually I plan to expand on those prepositions but for now that is enough for me. In this blog post I am going to highlight one specific preposition, ON. All of my preposition kits have the same format though. You can snag the whole bundle of all 4 prepositions (12 books!) here.

The first book in the ON series is called "I can learn on" .

This is a basic matching picture to picture book to practice teaching your students what "on" means. You can point out what is "on". For example, "Look the pencil sharpener is on the table. What is on our table?"

The next book in the series is "I can practice ON". In this book students will follow directions using the spatial concept "on". After we complete the book we practice using real life items to follow "on" directions. For example, "put the book on the table", "put the car on the road", "put the toy on the capet", etc. My students love to make this a game!

Pro tip for this book, use sticky tack instead of velcro so students can place the interactive piece anywhere. It isn't the prettiest, but it works! 

The last book in the "on" series is "I can tell what is on". In this book students will tell you what is "on" in the picture using the interactive choices. You can make this task simpler for students by given them a choice of 2 or 3 interactive pieces if 8 is too overwhelming to start. 

After your students have mastered this book they can move on to another preposition set, once they know all 4 they are ready to practice mixing them up. My preschool language books are perfect for that! Check out the bundle here.

Happy following directions itty bitties! 

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