Preschool Language Unit: Fall

Its all about FALL in my speech room this week. Of course, the center of my therapy planning is my Fall Preschool Language Unit

First, we will practice labeling, expanding MLU, and describing with the Fall Nouns Interactive Book. My students never get tired of matching pictures and pulling velcro, I swear.
Next, we will practice labeling verbs and constructing sentences with the "I Love Fall" verbs interactive book. We even act some of the actions out to make it extra interactive!
For my students with receptive language goals, we practice following prepositional directions using the "Where are the Leaves?" interactive book. Once we are sure we know where "on top", "under", "next to" and "between" are, we hide leaves around the speech room to find.
Last, we practice the building blocks of comparing and contrasting by telling what pictures are the same and which ones are different. For students working on higher level skills I might have them tell me one thing that is the same or different about the pictures. Easy differentiation for the win!
We also practice basic question answering skills with these WH question task cards. I swear all of my students have answering questions goals of some sort, and these task cards are a great way to get started. Even itty bitties that are not verbal can answer with the visual choices.

That's all for now, HAPPY FALL!

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