Question Foundations: What

I don't know about you, but I feel like my students always have (or need) WH question goals. Always! Common wisdom is that you teach students like this:

Me: What do you read?
Student: Mrs. Jones!
Me: We answer a "what" question with a thing or an action *points to a perfectly placed visual*
Student: blank stare

Just me? Ok. Well.. I desperately needed a way to teach my itty bitty students what "person", "thing", "place", and "time" meant instead of just telling them that is how you answer a WH question and hoping they magically got it. That is why I created my WH question foundations. Everything you need to start the process of teaching WH questions.

In this post I will highlight my What Question Foundations Kit (with a little help from my WH Question Interactive Books - sold seperately)

The first activity in this kit is a sorting activity. Students will sort people from things. This activity includes 2 levels of difficulty. One with matching color coding and one without. (Note: Everything throughout this kit is color coded orange, both for students who are visual learners and to help you keep things organized)

This kit also includes two black and white activities, perfect for adding a little fine motor in or sending home for homework. Bonus: No prep!

Other goodies in this pack include task cards with visual choices (shown at the top of this post), play doh smash mats with two levels of difficulty, and parking lots for cars. Everything you need to lay the foundation for answering WHAT questions

Grab the WHO question kit here.

Grab the bundle here - what and where coming soon!

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