Preschool Cooking Group - December

I am so excited to finally share with you one of my FAVORITE things to do with my itty bitty communicators and that is COOKING GROUP. I tried a lot of different visual recipe packs intended for speech and for special ed and they just weren't cutting it for my kiddos, so of course I decided to make my own. I am starting with my December Visual Recipes and hope to be able to provide a recipe book for each month until they are all complete. Wanna see a peek of what's included?

Core Word: On

It's almost DECEMBER, wow, is it just me or is this school going by really darn fast? In my speech room a new month means a new core word. Our core word of December is ON. We are going to have SO MUCH fun putting cookies ON tray, ornaments ON trees, and turning the lights ON. I just love how perfectly this core word fits in with December and the holidays. Keep reading and I'll give you a peek into my core word caddy for December. Plus (as always, because I just love giving you guys little freebies to make your life easier) read to the end for a FREEBIE :)

Don't forget to grab my Cord Word Kit: On for just two bucks to give you a jump start. It includes interactive books, parent handouts, activity ideas, communication boards, and more!

Football Following Directions FREEBIE

You know the drill with me and following directions, so I just wanted to pop by and give you a quick no prep freebie to practice following directions with your football theme!

Grab the freebie HERE


Mindfulness in Speech (Part 2) - Emotions Check In

Hey! Part 2 of mindfulness in the speech room coming at you!

Another important part of mindfulness is being aware. Both of your external surroundings but also your inner state. For my students (and probably yours), labeling basic emotions is the first place to start. I practice this with my students by "Checking In" at the beginning of speech sessions. My students practice labeling "I feel" and also practice asking their groupmates "How do you feel today?" We use my version of the Incredible Five Point Scale that I adapted for check-in. If you have never heard of the five point skills, GOOGLE IT! It is soooo multi functional, especially for students on the autism spectrum. This one is adapted in that the pictures on the interactive check in sentence strips match the pictures on the five point scale. Your students can find the matching picture so they know what color to check in with! My kiddos really caught on to this routine quickly


Mindfulness in the Speech Room (Part 1) - The Mindful Minute

Mindfulness is SUCH a buzzword right now. Sometimes it feel like no one even knows what it means, am I right? The way I practice mindfulness in my own life, it is being present in the current moment, giving your brain a break, and noticing things within and around you. My school and district have created a big push for mindfulness in the classroom. But why is mindfulness so important, especially for our students with disabilities? I would LOVE to tell you all about it AND give you a FREEBIE to help you implement some of these strategies in your speech room or classroom.


Thanksgiving Describing FREEBIE

We have one week left until Thanksgiving break where I work, and I needed something to get me through! I created this quick and easy Turkey Describing Freebie and I wanted to share it with you. This freebie has lots of options, students can write or cut and paste their answers, or BOTH!

I created this FREEBIE to go along with the Made for Me Literacy - Turkeys curriculum created by Gabrielle and Michaela. SERIOUSLY go check it out. They created it for special education teachers, but there are SO MANY great activities for SLPs as well. I plan to write a blog post all about how I use it for push-in lessons in one of my self-contained classrooms. Would anyone be interested in hearing about that? 

Enjoy the freebie! Happy Thanksgiving!


Preschool Language Unit: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up! It is one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with family, eating yummy food, and spending some rest time at home. I also love targeting Thanksgiving vocabulary and concepts with my students. Who doesn't love talking about food? Read on to learn all about how I use me Thanksgiving Preschool Language Unit to talk all about Thanksgiving!


Core Word: More

In my Early Childhood Room we are implementing a Core Word of the Month. I know that a lot of SLPs and SPED classrooms do a Core Word of the Week but I have found that my itty bitty communicators really thrive on the consistency of focusing on one word per month. I operate on a push-in model, as my students are in an early childhood classroom for students with special needs. This blog post will be a peak into my push in caddy and my plans for the month, but I hope that you can adapt them to whatever works for your caseload!

Our core word for the month of November is MORE and I'm so excited to tell you all about it!