Core Word: More

In my Early Childhood Room we are implementing a Core Word of the Month. I know that a lot of SLPs and SPED classrooms do a Core Word of the Week but I have found that my itty bitty communicators really thrive on the consistency of focusing on one word per month. I operate on a push-in model, as my students are in an early childhood classroom for students with special needs. This blog post will be a peak into my push in caddy and my plans for the month, but I hope that you can adapt them to whatever works for your caseload!

Our core word for the month of November is MORE and I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

Side not: I absolutely love these recorable answer buzzers from Amazon for practicing core words. They are cheap and pretty indestructible so far, so I can leave a few with my teachers to incorporate this Core Word into their classroom.

I lead a portion of circle time in my early childhood classroom, which essentially means singing a lot of songs. We practice saying hello, we practice  saying our names, and then I choose a song with our core word frequently. This month we are practicing the song The More we get together. This gives the students an opportunity to practice saying "more", signing "more", or pressing the voice output button for "more" as well as seeing their classmates model multiple communication forms.

After circle time I work with my students one on one wherever is best for their little bodies. Some of my students work best on the carpet, some need a table, some need to work in the hallway because the classroom is distracting. Luckily, I have created a caddy so I can move my therapy wherever my students need to be. I got mine at Michael's here. For the word more I have my caddy stocked with bubbles, crackers, blocks, bingo chips, and play doh. 

I use the lid of my caddy as my focus board. My administrators love that even with this population we still have a learning target. I love to have an extra visual for my students. I call that a win/win. I also store my related PECs on a velcro strip inside the lid.

My Core Word Kit: More includes a variety of activities to target this core word. It includes an interactive book for repetitive practice, core word boards at 2 levels, play doh smash mats, cut and past activities, do-a-dot pages, a bingo chip activity, a focus board, a parent newsletter, and activity ideas.I mix and match these activities and resources depending on the needs and interests of my individual students, but it's nice to have a variety of activities at my fingertips.

PLUS Just for reading this blog post I am including a FREEBIE! A visual schedule that I use with my students for these sessions, because structure and routine is SO important with this population. Just add velcro and pennies and you're ready to go.

I also had a few questions about how I store my core word materials when I am not using them. I grabbed a bunch of these scrapbook cases from Michael's on sale last year and they are perfect for throwing all of my core word materials in when they aren't in use.

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