Core Word: On

It's almost DECEMBER, wow, is it just me or is this school going by really darn fast? In my speech room a new month means a new core word. Our core word of December is ON. We are going to have SO MUCH fun putting cookies ON tray, ornaments ON trees, and turning the lights ON. I just love how perfectly this core word fits in with December and the holidays. Keep reading and I'll give you a peek into my core word caddy for December. Plus (as always, because I just love giving you guys little freebies to make your life easier) read to the end for a FREEBIE :)

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It seems like it doesn't matter the level of my kiddos, there something so alluring about stacker rings (am I alone). We have been starting our sessions with this. The kids request to put a ring on by requesting "on". Easy peasy and lots of practice and a concrete example of "on. Plus how cute are Melissa and Doug toys?

Of course I have an interactive book. This is great repetitive practice for AAC users or for students working on two word combinations. Plus my kids thrive on the routine and it gets them ready for more advanced Preschool Language Theme interactive book. ;)

I can't even handle how perfect this Melissa & Doug Cookie Set is for practicing "on". My kids put the cookies "on" the tray, then put the frosting "on" the cookies. Once they come out of the oven we put them "on" the plate and when we are done we put the top "on" the container. My kiddos loved this activity, plus we also got to practice pretend play skills. 
Some of my AAC kiddos are past the one button device at this point and need an extra challenge. This AAC is called a 7 level communicator. and I like that it has templates for 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 buttons plus 7 levels. This puppy can really grow with my kids! The last activity we did was this Melissa & Doug Tree Puzzle. We practiced putting the ornaments "on" the tree. 

And of course, blocks. Enough said.

As promised, here is an easy and simple "on" freebie! This is intended for bingo daubers, but you can also do pom poms, play doh, or anything else you can put "on" the tree. Enoy! 

Grab the freebie: HERE

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