Mindfulness in Speech (Part 2) - Emotions Check In

Hey! Part 2 of mindfulness in the speech room coming at you!

Another important part of mindfulness is being aware. Both of your external surroundings but also your inner state. For my students (and probably yours), labeling basic emotions is the first place to start. I practice this with my students by "Checking In" at the beginning of speech sessions. My students practice labeling "I feel" and also practice asking their groupmates "How do you feel today?" We use my version of the Incredible Five Point Scale that I adapted for check-in. If you have never heard of the five point skills, GOOGLE IT! It is soooo multi functional, especially for students on the autism spectrum. This one is adapted in that the pictures on the interactive check in sentence strips match the pictures on the five point scale. Your students can find the matching picture so they know what color to check in with! My kiddos really caught on to this routine quickly

Check-In looks a little like this at the beginning of speech sessions (with my handy dandy, visually supported, interactive sentence strips)

Me: June, how do you feel today?
June: I feel happy today, I'm at a green.
Me: Why do you feel happy today? (If students are ready for this questions)
June: I feel happy because we get to eat birthday cupcakes in my class today.
Me: "Great, that would make me feel happy too! Who would you like to ask to check in next?"
June: "Maddie, how do you feel today?"
...And so on until your students have all Checked-In

OF COURSE I have this as a FREEBIE for you to use to implement check in with your students. Let me know how it goes!

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