Preschool Cooking Group - December

I am so excited to finally share with you one of my FAVORITE things to do with my itty bitty communicators and that is COOKING GROUP. I tried a lot of different visual recipe packs intended for speech and for special ed and they just weren't cutting it for my kiddos, so of course I decided to make my own. I am starting with my December Visual Recipes and hope to be able to provide a recipe book for each month until they are all complete. Wanna see a peek of what's included?
December's pack includes 3 recipes (because I am only in school for three weeks in December)
1. Gingerbread Men
2. Hot chocolate
3. Christmas Tree Rice Krispies

First, and most importantly is a recipe (pictured above). They are SUPER simplified with minimal clutter. And all are visually supported for non-readers. 

Second, is a lower level newsletter for students to complete and send home. It includes a writing component, a comprehension component (students use a bingo dauber to select what ingredients and tools were used in the recipe, with one foil), and an opinion section so parents know if their children were into it or not. 

The second newsletter option is for students with higher level fine motor skills. Students are provided with a strip of answers to cut and paste into boxes, in addition to the above writing component. 

Last, included is a basic half coloring sheet with a writing component. I use this as a early finisher activity for students who either ate really quick or did not want to eat the cooking project. This could also be used as an errorless newsletter option for lower level students. 

What do you think? Do you cook with your students? I am so excited to finally start sharing my LOVE of cooking groups with you. Stay tuned for more and let me know if there is anything you would like included in future packs to make cooking more successful with your favorite itty bitty communicators! 

My favorite cooking supplies 

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