Gingerbread Preschool Language Unit

We are getting so. close. to. Christmas! One of my favorite holiday themes for December is "The Gingerbread Man". My students just LOVE chanting "Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!" and are ALWAYS shocked when *SPOILER ALERT* the fox eats the gingerbread man on his way across the river. I have found that true story books can be a bit much for some of my itty bitties, so I created a series of, what else, interactive story books. I have found these basic Fairy Tale/Fable stories to be a great in between step for my students who have outgrown my basic preschool language units but aren't yet ready to sit through a whole story book. Keep reading for a peak inside my Gingerbread Preschool Language Unit and a giant freebie (my gift from me to you).

The first interactive book in this set is called "My Gingerbread Words". I use this book to pre teach vocabulary for the story. Higher level students practice describing, categorizing, and object function as well.

The next set in this book is the actual adapted Gingerbread Man story. I took great care to simplify this story for our itty bitty communicators while retaining the original story. Each page contains an interactive comprehension question to check for understanding frequently. It makes it pretty easy to tell which students are understanding the story and which students need some extra support. 

This preschool language pack also includes some Itty Bitty Speech favorites. First is "Where is the Gingerbread Man?" to practice following directions and spatial concepts, my fave. 

Also included in this pack is a "Gingerbread Same and Different" interactive activity book. Understanding same/different is foundational to later being able to describe and compare/contrast, so I like to start my students practicing this skill young. Higher level students have to tell me what is different. For example, "One tree has snow on it and one does not."
 I just love when I have the clip art to create emotions interactive books that match themes. I work with many students with autism that can use tons of practice with this skill. The way that I use these books vary. Some students simply match the pictures and label the emotions. Some have to tell me why the gingerbread might feel that way. Some match the picture to a color on our 5 Point Scale

There are also Wh question task cards with visual choices and play doh smash mats. I love to use the play doh smash mats for all sorts of things. I might have my students: 
1. Smash all the animals
2. Smash the animal that ate the gingerbread man
3. Smash everything that is green

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Plus, as a treat for visiting my baby blog, here are two FREE interactive books to stretch your Gingerbread Unit even longer!

Grab the freebie HERE

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