Mindfulness in Speech (Part 3): Calm Down Corner

Here is the third and final installment in my Mindfulness in Speech Series. The last portion of this for my students is the Calm Down Corner. When emotions get wonky we all need coping strategies to help us calm down. Enter: the calm down corner.

My calm down corner starts with this "How does my body feel" chart. Pointing out, labeling, or simply thinking about how our bodies feel in a time of crisis is so important. My chest feels tight, my arms want to hit, etc. Our students might not have the language ability to verbally express these things, especially in a crisis, but they might be able to circle them or point them out. That is why I include this visual.

Second, my students label how they feel. This page is interactive. I have mine on the side of a filing cabinet with magnets, but you can use velcro. Hopefully all the practice you have been doing with Check-In carries over, but your students might need some extra support during this. Remember: mindfulness takes practice. That is ok. 

Now that your students have labeled how they feel and where they feel it, they can choose a coping strategy to help them calm down. These can also be practiced during you mindful minute (see what I did there). I keep a small rolling cart of fidgets, crayons, sensory bottles, etc. next to my calm down corner so students can use these tools to help them calm down. These tools WILL. NEED. TEACHING. Let me repeat that, your students won't know what to do with these things unless you teach them, but teaching coping strategies is so important, its worth your time. 

Last, I included a deep breaths visual. When nothing else works, my students tend to be able to count the boxes and take five breaths. Its a start.

I hope you and your students find this calm down corner idea (and all of my mindfulness musings) helpful and fruitful. Remember PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. For adults and itty bitties. I would love to chat about this topic that I feel so passionate about - find me on Instagram @ittybittyspeech or email me ittybittyspeech@gmail.com.

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My favorite calm down tools

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