Phonology Toolkits

I also have a pretty large number of students with phonology goals. I was taught the cycles method of phonology therapy in graduate school so that is the method that I use to treat my students. There are SO MANY articulation materials out there, however, there aren't a lot of resources that use the same targets across a variety of activities to last a full two week cycle. Enter... my phonology toolkits.


Hibernation Preschool Language Unit

Hey there, speechie friends!

Is the forecast where you are for snow, Snow, SNOW?? It is where I am, and I am ready to hibernate for the winter. Unfortunately that isn't an option. But planning a hibernation themed unit for your students IS. Take a peek inside my Hibernation Preschool Language Unit and grab TWO freebies to get you through to this snowy week. Drive safe!

Grab it here: Hibernation Preschool Language Unit


Yes/No Question Foundations

Hey there! Do you struggle as much as I do to target yes/no questions, especially for students with echolalia? Yes vs. no is a higher level skills than one might imagine BUT imagine the power that being able to reliably answer yes/no questions can give our students!

I created this question foundations pack as an attempt to give a jump start for a few of my students with this goal. Take a peek inside!

Grab it here: Yes/No Question Foundations


Describing Interactive Books

I. Love. The EET. Anyone else? I love the idea of a systematic way for our students to learn descriptive language. I love that it is visual AND tactile AND auditory (if you sing the silly chant like I do). I just love it. BUT I needed a way to use teach is more visually and more systematically. So what else would I do? Create interactive books OF COURSE. Take a peek inside and read to the bottom for a FREE visual

Grab it here: Describing Interactive Teaching Books


Snowman Preschool Language Unit

Those of you lucky ducks who don't go back to work until Monday, snag my New Year's Preschool Language Unit for free and hit the ground running on your way back! If you are like me and have already been back, I am moving on to my Snowmen Preschool Language Unit and a snowman theme this week! If you want to take a look at all of the goodies inside this pack, keep reading!

Core Word: In

New Year, new month, new core word! I would love to share with you what I have planned for the month of January and the Core Word "in" :)

                                    Core Word Kit - In