Core Word: In

New Year, new month, new core word! I would love to share with you what I have planned for the month of January and the Core Word "in" :)

                                    Core Word Kit - In

First, as always, we begin our sessions with a repetitive interactive book. This gives my students a chance to practice finding their core word on their board/device/PECs book/etc. For students who are verbal this is also a great chance to practice 2 word utterances/MLU with the built in visual support of the interactive book.

Snag these cheap one button voice outputs: Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers Set of 4.

If you can't tell yet, I am obsessed with Melissa & Doug toys. They are functional, sturdy, and adorable. Plus, I just feel better about wood over plastic sometimes (anyone else?) We are going to play with this shape sorter this month. BONUS: We can expand utterances using colors AND shapes. "Red in", "circle in", "red circle in". Oh the possibilities... swoon. You can buy this toy on Amazon for relatively cheap given how long I assume it will to last - Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube - Classic Wooden Toy With 12 Shapes

Also, in case you were curious. This core words communication board is available in the "regular" version without the core word highlighted as a freebie in my store. Grab them HERE

We are also going to play with this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Pound-A-Peg Toy With Hammer. Another great opportunity to practice colors, plus my kiddos love pounding on this and I love the fine motor practice. This focus board is available in my Core Word Kit. It's a great visual reminder and makes administrators happy ;)

My older students might be kind of bummed that Pop the Pig is going to live in my core word caddy for the month of January, but I am so excited to introduce this to my itty bitties. I think that they are going to love putting the burgers "in" the pigs mouth and watching his belly pop. Plus, more opportunities to practice colors AND numbers.

If you don't have Pop the Pig
1) You should get it
2) I included a feed the kids game that includes visually supported sentence expansion.

We finish our sessions by completing our newsletter. I have my students find the word that we practiced using a  Dot Marker (sometimes with a lot of assistance, but that is a-ok with me) and I write a quick note of what we did. I always explain what I am writing to my students (K3-5th grade, non-verbal or verbal, presume competence my friends). Yes, I do send the same newsletter home with my kids multiple times over the month. They usually say something a little different and they are a good reminder for parents... plus I think all bookbags have mysterious holes in them where papers get lost, I'm just trying to increase my odds that one gets in a parent's hands.

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