Describing Interactive Books

I. Love. The EET. Anyone else? I love the idea of a systematic way for our students to learn descriptive language. I love that it is visual AND tactile AND auditory (if you sing the silly chant like I do). I just love it. BUT I needed a way to use teach is more visually and more systematically. So what else would I do? Create interactive books OF COURSE. Take a peek inside and read to the bottom for a FREE visual

Grab it here: Describing Interactive Teaching Books

These books are intended to teach the different beads of the EET. I try to focus on one bead per month with my students and then add on so that by the end of the school year we are creating complete descriptions by the end of the year for a few months, but do whatever works for your kiddos. 
I like to start out taking a LONG time on each page of a book. The first 1-3 times this book might take us an entire session. As my students get more familiar with the book, we go through it faster. A few sessions in we zip through the book and move on to other describing activities rather quickly (crafts, books, games, etc.). My hope is that the book becomes a sort of "script" for my students so that each piece becomes automatic by the end of the month. 

You can make this task super silly and fun to switch it up every time. We like to hunt for the pieces around the room, put them in a sensory bins, and even stick them to our clothes. 
These books are chock FULL of examples with visual representations. I find that this is key with my students. No newsflash here. VISUALS HELP. 
Plus I included tons of practice over a variety of different object types. I hope these books are as helpful for your students as they are for me! Let me know if you have any questions.

Grab your free EET Visual HERE

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