Hibernation Preschool Language Unit

Hey there, speechie friends!

Is the forecast where you are for snow, Snow, SNOW?? It is where I am, and I am ready to hibernate for the winter. Unfortunately that isn't an option. But planning a hibernation themed unit for your students IS. Take a peek inside my Hibernation Preschool Language Unit and grab TWO freebies to get you through to this snowy week. Drive safe!

Grab it here: Hibernation Preschool Language Unit

By now you know the drill with my Preschool Language Units, so I won't repeat myself. I cannot express how much the consistency of these sets have made a difference for my itty bitties, espcially with Autism! Routine really is everything! 

Anyway, this set contains a "My Hibernation Words" book. This book is also great for practicing categorizing because it features animals, food, and homes!

Next is an "All About Hibernation" interactive book

Your itty bittes can learn all about what hibernation is, what animals eat to prepare, and where they sleep. I even learned some fun new facts creating this! 

Next is "Where is the Bear?" to practice those every important spatial concepts. Caves are great ways to practice spatial concepts! So cut a cave out of a bowl or a cub, grab a small animal, and have fun! 
It also includes another tried and true "Same & Different" activity book

A play doh smash mat, of course 

Plus WH question cards with visual choices and wiggle break cards! 
  and a communication board. This unit really does have everything! But if you still need some hibernation resources for your older kids, keep reading :)

Just because we all need a little help getting through this snowy season, I wanted to share some no prep language activities that I created to go along with the hibernation theme for my older/higher level students. Skills targeted include: compare/contrast, describing, labeling parts, sequencing, retelling, comprehension, and categories! Grab it below and Enjoy! 

Hibernation Freebie Part 1
Hibernation Freebie Part 2

My favorite prep materials

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