Phonology Toolkits

I also have a pretty large number of students with phonology goals. I was taught the cycles method of phonology therapy in graduate school so that is the method that I use to treat my students. There are SO MANY articulation materials out there, however, there aren't a lot of resources that use the same targets across a variety of activities to last a full two week cycle. Enter... my phonology toolkits.

These kits contain EVERYTHING you need for phonology therapy for your little ones (Note: I mostly use these activities with 3-4 year old students, they might become a little boring for older students but it's worth a shot!)

The first thing included in this set are stimulus cards. There are 6 targets per kit (on purpose). The stimulus cards come in color and black and white.

Next, these kits include auditory bombardment word lists to send home to parents. These are an integral part of the cycles approach to phonology therapy. Parents read these lists to their children daily to emphasize that pattern we are targeting in therapy.

I also included coloring sheets. I use these to keep little hands busy during auditory bombardment at the beginning of therapy but you can use them in a variety of ways.

By now you all know how OBSESSED I am with interactive books. I find that all my kids love them and engage in content that they wouldn't normally if velcro is involved. Each kit contains an interactive book with the 6 targets. I use these to introduce the target words to my students.
There are also a variety of games and activities included for each target, including: memory/matching
Play doh smash mats (my favorite) 
Color. Cut, & glue activities
 and bingo dauber sheets. 
There are also dice games included in each set (not pictured) 

As you can see, these kits really do contain everything that you need for a full 2 weeks of phonology therapy following the cycles approach. But don't take my word for it. I have a freebie in my store! 

Try it for free Final /t/ Phonology Toolkit

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