Snowman Preschool Language Unit

Those of you lucky ducks who don't go back to work until Monday, snag my New Year's Preschool Language Unit for free and hit the ground running on your way back! If you are like me and have already been back, I am moving on to my Snowmen Preschool Language Unit and a snowman theme this week! If you want to take a look at all of the goodies inside this pack, keep reading!
I tried a few new things in this unit and i am VERY excited about them. But some things are still tried and true itty bitty speech faves. First is a vocab book entitled "My Snowman Words". This book targets vocabulary that you might need to talk about or build a snowman like hat, button, and carrot. These words are great to preteach before moving on to higher level tasks within this set. 
The next book in this set is "Snowman Jobs". It practices early inferencing skills and utterance expansion. "He is holding a toothbrush and toothpaste and there is a tooth on his uniform, what might his job be?". This book also includes visually supports to help scaffold sentence expansion. 

The next book in this set its "What do snowmen do?". This book targets verbs and sentence construction with verbs (Pronoun + is + verb construction) again with visually supported sentence expansion. 

The last new skill targeted in this pack is sequencing/retelling. It includes an interactive book detailing how to build a snowman (how cute!) as well as a cut and paste activity for students to practice sequencing and retelling the steps of how to build a snowman. My students LOVE getting to sit in my chair and "be the teacher" to retell. I may or may not plan to end my sessions with a dance party to the Frozen Song Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? #sorrynotsorry

Also included are some tried and true itty bitty favorites such as spatial concepts...

Same and different/compare and contrast

Wiggle Break Cards and Smash Mats 

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My favorite prep materials 

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