Core Word: Want

Hey speechie friends!

It's FINALLY February. Did anyone else feel like this was the longest January ever? I saw a million memes across social media so it seems like the feeling is mutual.

This month my itty bitties are learning all about the word "WANT". What a powerful word! Keep reading and take a sneak peek inside my core word caddy, plus (of course) snag a freebie to help you target this word with YOUR itty bitties.

Grab it here: Core Word Want Kit

As always, my core word kits include an interactive book. These are great for motor planning on AAC devices, 2 word utterances, general session structure, etc. You know the itty bitty speech drill by now!

We are also going to practice finding our word of the month on these smash mats. My itty bitties will have to request what color play doh they "want" to smash with. This smash mat comes in 2 levels (one errorless) depending on your students' levels.

Some more advanced students will practice this cut and paste activity. We will cut and paste things we want (bubbles!) in one box and things we don't want (fire alarms!) on the other. This will be a difficult task for some of my itty bitties but at this point in the year I am ready to push them a bit. 

This coloring activity is also included in my core word kit. There are visual supports on the bottom of each coloring page for students to request "want ___ crayon". There are 10 coloring sheets included so that hopefully something will pique your students interests. If you're working with non-verbal communicators read to the bottom of the post (HINT: there are some free communication boards coming your way)

The rest of our sessions we are going to focus on highly desirable activities that my students are sure to "want". These blocks are some of my favorites (I inherited them from my grandparents house, they are so special to me. I swear I can feel their love every time I play with them). Students can request "want" to get another block. Or request a color. Or a letter. Or a picture. Or "want knock down". so many options! 
The rest of my caddy is filled with highly desirable activities and toys for my students. I have bubbles, crackers, cars, slime, and play doh. Hopefully something for everyone! I plan to rotate these out throughout the month so that my students have lots of choices of things they might "want". 

As always, we end our session with a newsletter. Even if its just one "dot", I really like incorporating this check or comprehension and review of our goal at the end of a session with students. AND I like that there might be some carry over at home. Totally worth 1-2 minutes at the end of your sessions.

Because I have had a few questions about how I store all of these things. I wanted to show you how I keep my core word kits when it isn't their month to shine. I bought these scrapbook boxes at Michael's. They are the perfect size to store all sorts of odd shapes and sizes plus I can't even with the colors. I have them in pink and mint and I'm obsessed!

That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions about how I target this core word, or anything really. I'll leave you with this freebie. Enjoy!

Freebie Communication Boards

Great tools for targeting "want" 

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