Three Little Pigs Theme

I always gravitate toward cute/seasonal themes like Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, etc.. Can anyone else relate? #typeaslp . However, whenever I stray "off season" and target a fairy tale I find that my students absolutely ADORE it and I get so much language practice out of it. Last week I began a Three Little Pigs unit and I plan to continue it for at least another week. Take a peek at my plans!

First, of course, I created a Three Little Pigs Preschool Language Unit. I found that these Fairy Tale Units are a great in between when students seem too high for interactive books but aren't quite ready for full story books yet.

Grab the Three Little Pigs Preschool Language Unit : HERE

First in this set is "My Three Little Pigs Words". I use this book to introduce thematic vocabulary and concepts. For example, the concepts of straw, sticks, bricks, the actions blowing and building, etc. This book is a great introduction to the topic even for older students.

Next is the adapted and simplified "Three Little Pigs". It includes interactive comprehension questions on each page to really be sure your students are understanding the story.

There are also 4 comprehension task cards with visual choices and a play doh smash mat included. I like to use the smash mat for comprehension with these fairy tale units. For example, "Who blew down the pigs houses?" or "Which house was the strongest?".

There are also some books for targeted skill practice. Where is the wolf? focuses on following directions containing spatial concepts. My students loved pretending they were the wolf hiding "under". "behind", and "next to" things waiting to blow down the pigs' houses.

Pigs same and different focuses on the foundational concept of comparing and contrasting. Seems like my itty bitty communicators ALWAYS need a lot of practice with this skill.

In keeping with the theme, I grabbed this adorable felt book from the target dollar spot last year. It is perfect for engaging my littlest learners in the story. They loved watching Three Little Pigs videos on YouTube then reading through the felt book.

As always, I absolutely ADORE SLPNow for my older/higher level students. We will read the classic Three Little Pigs story, answer WH questions, create a story map, play a three little pigs dice game, make a three little pigs craft, and even have a newsletter so send home all one click away from the SLPNow site. This subscription has not only changed the way I do therapy, but also how I take data and manage my caseload. More on that another time, just please go check out her site. It really is a therapy game changer. Anyone interested in a full review?

My older students will also be retelling the story using this sweet little felt board set my mother got me a few years ago. They think it is so much fun to "put on a play" with this set!

I think that's it for now. Have you ever done a Three Little Pigs theme?

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