Core Word: Open

It's March! Maybe the snow will start melting where I am? A girl can dream. This month in itty bitty speech we are focusing on the core word "open". Take a look inside my caddy and see what we are up to in March

Grab the Core Word Kit for Open HERE 

As always, we start our sessions with an interactive book. I love starting with these because it is a form of "work" that my itty bitties can see when they are done (when all of the pictures are gone, the book is done!) They are also great for motor planning on AAC devices, 2 word utterances, etc.

Play Doh containers are very hard for most itty bitties to "open" and the tiny party ones ensure they are certain to want to "open" a few. I am stocking my caddy with these for the month.

For those students that really love picture books we are going to "open" books. Bonus points if you have lift the flap books to "open". This learning target is included in my core word kit. Administrators love that I have learning targets displayed for even my littlest learners and I like that I have an extra visual to point to. Win/win in my book!
I borrowed this Melissa & Doug Lock House from a sweet speech friend, but I might have to invest in my own. Different keys "open" different doors and there are dolls hidden inside. I might hide different treats and toys in the doors throughout the month to keep things interesting!
This Cariboo companion is included in my Core Word Kit for Open. The labels are common first/early developing words and I will have my students request "open milk" and use the magic key to open the door! I hope they love it!

What ideas do you have for targeting the core word open? What core words would you like to see plans for?

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