Picture Communication Starter Kit

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 I've had a few questions about how I set up my Picture Exchange books, so I thought I would give you a look at one of my itty bitty's actual books. Now this is her actual book that I pulled off the wall in her classroom. It isn't perfect but that's real life. I will leave the actual explaining of the stages of PECs to the professionals. Check out PECS USA and I highly recommend taking a training if you have the chance!

Grab my Picture Communication Starter Kit HERE

*It's about to receive a big update, so grab it soon for the best price! 

This starter kit includes a variety of pictures color coded by function

  • Need: I use this as the first page of my itty bitty's books for things they request or need often like "bathroom", "drink" and favorite food items. 
  • Eat: for food items
  • Play: for toys and other highly desired objects/activities
  • Learn: for school related supplies and tasks
  • Feel: for feelings ans self regulation (i.e. take a break, sensory room, etc.) 
  • Home: for things related to home life (bath, bedtime, etc.) 

This kit also includes 4 sentence strips as well (I want, I need, I feel, and I see)

I included A LOT of pictures in this kit in the hopes that when you need a picture for something you have it. I store my pictures in this box that I got at Michael's (intended for craft storage). I don't put velcro on them right away (precious commodity). I find that it is easy enough to slap a velcro coin on a picture when you need it. The printing, laminating, and cutting tends to be the time consuming part.

And here is some real life for you. In my early childhood room these are stored on an industrial velcro strip on the wall when you enter the classroom. They are easy for students and staff to grab when we need them, Doritos covered pictures and all :)

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