Core Word: Stop

Hey speech friends! Better late than never on sharing my April core word of the month, right? To be honest, I was a little nervous about this one. I know how important words of protest are for our itty bitty communicators, and also what an important safety skill being able to follow the direction "STOP!" is. I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to structure an entire month's worth of sessions around it a protest word. But guys, I think I did it! We have been working on "stop" for the last week and my kiddos have been LOVING it, and it has been so functional!

Grab the Core Word Kit for Stop: HERE

I don't always talk about it, but my sessions in my early childhood room ALWAYS start with my leading circle time. We sing the "Hello" Song, we sing the "What's your name?" song and we sing a song related to our core word. This month it is Red Light, Green Light from Super Simple Songs. A lot of my students are becoming much more engaged in these songs as the ear goes on so I created a visual lyrics sheet to share as a freebie with you all! Grab it at the end of this post!

When I pull my itty bitties 1:1, first, obviously, we always start with an interactive book. This one has been extra fun because I made it full of some "bad behaviors". My itty bitties have been thinking its hilarious to tell the kids in the book "stop biting!" or "stop pushing!", plus what functional phrases for self advocacy! 

I then have been letting my kiddos choose between "cars", "walk", or "wind up toys" using this AAC device. This is called a 7 level communicator. I think that it is pretty cool because it has seven levels, and you change it to have one, two, four, eight, or sixteen buttons! So many possibilities! 

These adorable bunny and chick wind up toys have been perfect for this core word and for the Easter season. My kiddos think that it is so fun to wind them up and then grab them and yell "stop", or to set them up to hop off the table and then say "stop" before they fall off the edge. 
This little friend even made them kiss and then yelled "stop kissing bunny!". Three word utterance using our core word. I'll take it! 
These race car mats are included in my Core Word Kit. My kiddos have really enjoyed racing the cars around the track and making them squeal to a stop at the signs. 

This Little People Ramp a nice portable size and great for practicing the core word "stop". We made the race car stop at the top and wait for the "go" signal and then "stop" it at the bottom. Can you see a pattern here? A lot of really dramatic yelling of the word "stop"! But it has been so fun and so many of my kiddos have used the word functionally already! 

I also made a make-shift stop sign (pictured above in the AAC photo). We have been going on walks around the school and "stopping" when either I say stop or the student does using the stop sign. So. Functional. I made an extra stop sign for the teacher I work with so that they can use it in the classroom too! 

Grab your freebie HERE

I think that's all for now. Happy April! 

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