Weather Preschool Language Unit

Guys, the weather has been WILD around the country, right? Here in the midwest I am just ready for real sunshine and Spring weather. Speaking of weather, I thought I would pop by and give you a peak at my Weather Preschool Language Unit. Did you know that it is FREE in my store. You read that right. It's. Free. It is one of my biggest language units and I wanted to share it for free to show you guys how awesome these units are. If you have been hesitating to buy one and do theme therapy along with me, this is the time! Grab this one for free and see what you think!

Grab my Weather Preschool Language Unit: HERE

Do you ever stop to think about how weather words aren't REALLY explicitly taught. Especially in an urban district like mine, kids go years pretending they know what these weather words mean. "My Weather Words" gives a visual representation and an interactive component to an otherwise abstract concept. 
"How to Dress for the Weather" is so functional I can't even stand it. My SPED teachers and OTs ALWAYS have goals for my itty bitties to zip and unzip their coats, I love that I can tie those functional skills in with language. Everyone bring your coat to speech today! 
"All About Weather" breaks down seasons. This is also a very complicated concept for a lot of students. Hopefully this book breaks it down a bit so that it can be understood at least a little better. 

This set also includes some Itty Bitty Speech favorites with a weather twist! Including "Where is the Sun" to target directions containing spatial concepts. "Weather Same and Different" to target basic comparing and contrasting skills. And " Sunny Emotions" to practice labeling, identifying, and talking about emotions. 

You read that right. That's SIX interactive books for FREE. But wait, there's more. This unit also includes WH questions with visual choices AND Play Doh Smash mats for vocabulary extension. All for the low low price of FREE. Let me know what you guys think of this set! 

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