Bugs Preschool Language Theme

This week has been all about bugs in my speech room and it has been soooo fun! I'm a little late in sharing this (after the fact) but Bugs can be used any time so I hope you find this useful!

Grab my Bugs Preschool Language Unit here

This language unit includes the usual suspects. A book to target labeling/nouns, verbs/pronouns, spatial concepts, same/different, emotions, WH questions with visual choices, communication boards, and smash mats. These basically cover all of my preschool goals (and hopefully yours too)! Here's some pics if you're a visual learning. Side note: I got a ring light so I can take better pictures in my dungeon of a speech room, because I ain't gonna lug all this stuff home, haha)

A special addition to this pack is the BUG HUNT! This is so fun for so many things, and my students just adore the sweet magnifying glasses. I made them by laminating the paper magnifying glasses, cutting out the middles, and then laminating again. We used these for following directions, describing, labeling (color+bug), etc. So fun and so cute!
Some other things I used during bug week are this book from the Unique Learning Systems curriculum. My comprehensive academic unit classrooms use this curriculum and I love that I can reinforce what they are doing in class. With these books I adapt them. by printing 2 copies of the included communication board and cutting out the individual symbols. I then use sticky tack to adhere them. This is great for AAC users, labeling, building sentences, and general visual reinforcement of concepts. 

My articulation students made these Bug Themed Interactive Articulation Notebook from Speech is Sweet. So sweet! 
As always I'm obsessed with SLPNow and could talk about it for hours. Some lower level kids read the book "In the Tall Tall Grass" and created their own grass using the visuals from the membership
Some higher level students read this super sweet book about the life cycle of a lady bug and created their own lady bug life cycle using the visuals from the membership. We practiced retelling when we were done and it was a great break from traditional story books to learn something factual. 
I dusted off this game that I got ad Goodwill, and it actually pairs PERFEC TLY with the ladybug life cycle activity. Plus, my kids love it! 
And what unit would be complete without Melissa and Doug? I love these puzzles because they function as a puzzle, and stand alone toys, and visuals, etc. You can hide them, put them in sensory bins, and PLAY with them. So fun 

And that's it for bug week! I hope you get some ideas!

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