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Hey there speech friends! It's been awhile since I blogged. After a long and difficult school year last year I decided to take the summer off from most things itty bitty speech and only create when it was filling and enjoyable for me. I start school next week and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into itty bitty speech to share as many resources, tips, tricks, and ideas to make therapy with your itty bitties fun and engaging this year!

Like I said, I start next week (eep), students start after Labor Day, so I thought I would pop by and show you what's inside my Back to School Preschool Language Unit

You can grab it HERE (Hint: It's 20% off for a couple more weeks) 

This Back to School Unit is VERY basic on purpose. I want to reinforce routine and expectations with this type of unit since a lot of my lower level students will be doing these type of routines (or variants) for the whole year. Many of the students that start with these units are in school for the first time, attending to a book or activity for the first time, and completing a task for the first time. I always start with my basic vocabulary books. I just want my students to match. If the whole field is too busy give them a field of two or three, or even make it errorless and give them one. Make them feel successful!

"Thing's I do at School" introduces basic verbs and routines at school. It teaches students to attend to more than one word on a page. Students who are a bit more verbal can practice noun+verb or other expanded phrases.
Same vs. different is a bit of a higher level concept. I might just skip this one all together if I don't think my students will be successful at it or I might model the correct answers or give errorless choices. Again, this week is all about routines and SUCCESS! 
When I introduce my spatial concepts books I always introduce the 4 target prepositions with hand gestures. We put our hands "on top" of our heads, "under" the table, "between" our friends, and "next to" our chairs. Unlike same vs. different, I like to give my students a chance to try this one so I can see what concepts are easy and which ones we need to target a little more with my SPATIAL CONCEPTS KITS.
If you've followed me for any length of time you know that I work with a lot of students on the autism spectrum and I place a lot of emphasis on labeling emotions. So much behavior comes from not being able to communicate how we are feeling (for adults too!) and isn't communicating literally our job? Anyway, this cutie pencil emotions book is a great place to start learning emotion words and matching them with faces.
The WH question task cards are very simple on purpose. I want my students to learn what it means to "answer" a question. Echolalia anyone? Ask question, point to answer, get a cookie (not really, but I want to reinforce unique responses so maybe).

Plus there's wiggle break cards (above), a communication board, and a play doh smash mat. More on those as the year progresses! 

If you have learners that are a little bit older or more advanced than this unit check out my other back to school themed resources! 

Back to School Compare & Contrast Monsters 

 And the Back to School Describing Deck

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