Halloween Therapy Plans

Happy (almost) Halloween!

I'm getting married next weekend, so for me this set of plan actually stretches across two weeks for me!

You can download this therapy plan HERE. Just click on the resources in the PDF and be taken directly to it. It's that easy! 

  • My core word kids are still practicing the word "Go" for a bit longer. We are singing the song "Go Away Big Green Monster" from Super Simple Songs using my FREEBIE visual lyrics 
  • My preschoolers are practicing following directions using the "Where is the Bat?" Interactive book from my Halloween Preschool Language Unit and extending their knowledge using my FREEBIE Halloween Following Directions 
  • My kindergarteners are reading Room on the Broom and and sequencing/retelling the story using this FREEBIE from The Speech Bubble 
  • My articulation kiddos are using the Halloween Reinforcers from The Speech Attic paired with a Halloween Sensory Bin 
  • All of my kiddos are making Witch Fingers on Halloween/the day before Halloween for our mini speech Halloween Party. I love to decorate my room a bit and have a "party" but still sneak in some following directions, sequencing, etc with a visual recipe. 


Bats Theme Therapy Plans

Welcome back to installment number 2 of visual lesson plans! This week is all about BATS!

Funny story, my mother HATES and is TERRIFIED of bats. During my childhood our next door neighbors were a deaf family. My dad was at work and my mom found a bat in my house. She is TERRIFIED of bats so she went to go ask the neighbor dad if he could come help. She was pretty proficient in ASL, but he was not understanding what she was saying. Turns out she was signing "Help! Butterfly!" and he thought it was hilarious. Point being, we are going to learn the sign for bat this week because of my mom!

You can grab thee PDF version of my lesson plans with clickable links HERE

  • My itty bitties are going to keep targeting the core word - GO, I am switching out my cars with a whole bunch of wind up toys in my core word caddy 
  • My preschool friends are going to be talking all about BATS, particularly the PARTS of a bat. We will be reading the interactive book "All About Parts" from my describing interactive book sets and reinforcing parts with my smash mats and glow in the dark bat toys 
  • My Kinders/First Graders will be reading Stellaluna, answering comprehension questions, and describing bats using my EET FREEBIE
  • My Articulation students will be using these two freebies - the Bat Hat Template from Texas Speech Mom and the Batty About Speech craft from Peachie Speechie 

Interested in any of these resources? You can download the PDF HERE, click on any picture, and it will take you right to the resource. Nifty huh! 


Fire Safety Therapy Plans

Hey there speech people!

I was inspired by Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet to share my weekly lesson plans with you all! I created these handy little PDF documents with links to the various resources and products I plan to use. Hopefully you find it useful!

You can download the PDF HERE

  • My itty bitties are continuing to target the core word go. We have been having tons of fun reading about things that go and making cars "go" down ramps! I can't wait to incorporate halloween themed songs next week during circle time. 
  • My preschoolers are talking all about fire safety with my Fire Safety Preschool Language Pack. We will be learning important vocabulary like "fire alarm" and "fire extinguisher" as well as reviewing fire drill procedures. In our second session we will be reviewing spatial concepts and practicing them with my interactive book as well as with our bodies (like stop, drop, and roll)
  • My kindergarten/first graders will be reading thee story "The Firefighter" by Jenny Goebel, answering WH questions, and reviewing story grammar to build up to retelling. During their second session they will be practicing multi step directions by making this Firefighter craft from SLPNow. 
  • My Articulation/Fluency students will be playing this super cute and FREE game from Primary Punch and during their second session they will be creating this cutie Fire Speech badge craft from Speech is Sweet. 

Check out my instagram all week for more ideas for a fire safety theme and the core word go! I hope you found this new series useful! 

Here's some links you might find useful