Snowman Themed Therapy Plans

Howdy speechie peeps! I would like to say I will be better about blogging in 2020, but who knows. I did want to swing by this little corner of the internet today to share my plans for SNOWMAN WEEK! Yay! It is one of my favorite weeks of the year and I might have gone a little overboard this year, you'll see.

You can find my visual lesson plans HERE

They are super handy because if you click on the picture in the PDF file it'll take you straight to that resource, toy, book, etc. I'm here to make your life a little easier (and cuter)!

My itty itty bitties are continuing to work on the core word "IN". I switched out my toy to this FISHER PRICE PIGGY BANK. I scored it for an amazing deal at Aldi before Christmas and my kids love putting the coins "in". BONUS: When you open it it says "open" and when you close it it says "closed". Core words for days!

My Preschoolers are working through my Snowman preschool language unit. There's some itty bitty speech faves like labeling, following directions with spatial concepts, and same/different. I love that these books always have generally the same format to reduce the cognitive load on my students. They know exactly what is expected of them and can focus on learning the skills. I promise they never get bored.

There are also some other resources to target pronouns, verb, basic inferences, MLU, etc. and I love them so so much! They aren't exact picture for picture matching so it really is a bit of a challenge for some students and a great step up from basic interactive books. You should try it!

My Kindergarten students are working their way through my new How to Catch a Snowman Book Buddy! It worked like a charm! First, we previewed vocabulary with the "How to Catch a Snowman Words" book. There is some really interesting vocabulary in that book like "trap, goal, igloo, etc". I found that it really piqued my students interest in the story wondering what the heck these random words had to do with each other.

During reading I gave each of my students a black and white story map and I used the color one as a visual referent. As we found the things in the story my students had to color in the corresponding picture. It kept little hands busy and really highlighted the most important details of the story while emphasizing the sequence. After reading they loved using their own story map to "be the teacher" and  tell the story. It is a great opportunity to get language samples as well!

After reading we answered these WH questions with visual choices. I always emphasize that if they don't remember they can "look in the book" because honestly that's a great academic skill. I have to remember that I am assessing their comprehension NOT their memory. I also love that these task cards have a little reminder up in the corner of what kind of question it is for those kiddos who just need a little extra reminder.

During push in cooking group we are making marshmallow snowmen. It is so simple but elicits so much language and so many core words! Plus, MOST of my kids like marshmallows and finding food that even some of them will eat is HARD let me tell you.

We are also going to be using some resources from a few of my favorite TPT seller to round out the theme. Make sure you download the visual lesson plan linked at the top of this post for links to all these resources! Stay warm!

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